Platform Gratings

Having produced platform gratings ever since the year 1984, carries out customer-oriented manufacture with its staff of experts and experience.

As for metal flooring implementations, ALDEM provides complete solutions from all the phases through project designing, manufacture and sales.

Production is made as per DIN24537-1.

Carbon steel (black) gratings are galvanized and their corrosion-free life is extended to 30 years.

Other than galvanizing, also electrostatic and wet paint coatings can be carried out.


  • •They are the gratings manufactured by fitting connecting bars into carrier bars either with or without welding depends on type.
  • •It can bear heavier loads with lighter weight.
  • •Depending on the floor, it can be produced with desired forms and sizes.
  • •It provides fluidity at the floor. 
  • •Easy Assembling
  • •It is possible to enhance antislip feature with the option of notched surface.  


Platform Gratings recieve a surface protection to avoid corrosion.

  • Hot dip galvanizing according to (DIN EN ISO 1461) 
  • Wet or Electrostatic Painting ( according the RAL codes)

Production types

  • through press-fitting technique
  • on fixtures by hand-welding


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