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ALDEM provides services in machine constructions requiring project based construction and relative implementations.

ALDEM many international projects, leading companies of their relative sectors choose to work with us.

We have achieved successful project with our mentality of high quality.

Our welding operations are carried out by welders certified by accredited third party organizations.

Welding procedures, operations and all relative tests are carried out.

Product surfaces are readied for production by means of blasting steel dust for carbon steel productions and granulated glass for stainless productions in our own facilities.

As per customer requests, hot-dip galvanize coating implementation is carried out in order to prevent corrosion effects. Hot-dip galvanize coating is carried out by contracted companies and as per DIN EN ISO 1461 standards. 

Similarly, as per the requests of our customers electro galvanize coating or production from pre-galvanized plates can be carried out.




What are the machine constructions?


They are the finished steel products, equipments and constructions produced on project basis for all kinds of sectors including energy, industry and machinery. 


What we do?


ALDEM Machinery Constructions division carries out serial production for its customers, among which companies from the Energy Sector take the first place.

Besides our serial projects, we work jointly with our customers and undersign successful projects from a to z, also with new projects.

If you have a product made of steel, and if you are looking for the best option for production, then your answer is ALDEM.



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